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Massey Ferguson/Hesston 1843S, 1844S, 4690S Chamber Kits

Kits for Hesston 4690 also available.

$6750 plus freight or FOB Klamath Falls, Or

Call us today to get on the order list.  (Current lead time for a full kit to ship is approx 4 weeks)


20210213_122226 - Copy.jpg

Over the course of 2 years,  Rampage Manufacturing and Bailey Hay developed a full chamber kit including a new plunger to take bale size from 15" x 22" down to 14" x 21".

This is the only chamber kit available that includes a custom built plunger which cut's the flake at 14" x 21" prior to charging the chamber. 


All other kits still cut the flake at 15" x 22" or 14" x 22" relying on compression to force the bale into a 14" x 21" bale.    However,  once the bale exits the chamber,  it expands back out beyond desired size,  causing shipping issues.   We've solved that with our system.  


After revisions and beta test's,  we are ready to release to the public!!! 

Why do you need your 3 tie baler to produce 14" x 21" bales?

  • Allows you to service the retail horse hay market as well as the export market with a    dense solid bale that weighs under 100 lbs. 

  • More Bales per acre equals more money in your pocket.

  • 7 high,  60  bale blocks (12 on edge bottom tier)  that will load into dry vans and containers.   A 53 ft dry van can haul 420  bales with low 90 lb bale weights and be under 80,000 lb gross.

  • Blocks load onto flatbeds without the use of cheaters and they don't hang over, keeping you ticket free in California. 

  • Feed stores and the public prefer 3 tie small bales over 2 tie.

  • Easy conversion back to 15" x 22" if you need to.  

90% Bolt In kit (Chamber floor needs to be notched to allow lower chamber rails to move toward center of baler and star wheel needs to be replaced with ours)

Kit Components

  • Our in house manufactured plunger.

  • 1/2" steel side plates (qty 2 main plates and quantity 2 lower front plates)

  • Top Plates (qty 1 3/4" thick uhmw and qty 1 1/4" thick steel top plates)

  • New larger double point star wheel

  • All chamber uhmwpe plastic liner strips

  • Hardware set


20210213_115309 - Copy
20200622_201842 - Copy
20200622_202004 - Copy
chamber kit full
top plates
side plates
20200226_160950 - Copy
20201210_075613 - Copy
20201210_075939 - Copy
20200309_113804 - Copy
20200309_102444 - Copy
20200309_104550 - Copy
20200309_104514 - Copy
20200226_161302 - Copy
20210202_160634 - Copy
20210213_112609 - Copy
20210202_163330 - Copy
20210202_163323 - Copy
20210202_162558 - Copy
20210202_162540 - Copy
20210202_162335 - Copy
20210202_162237 - Copy
20210202_161958 - Copy
20210202_161006 - Copy
20210202_160841 - Copy
20210202_160903 - Copy
20210202_160733 - Copy

Effective 1-21-22.     Due to volatile raw material price increases,  we had to raise our price for kit's to $6750.00

New!!!   R.O.I Calculator at bottom of Page- Click Here

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If you are selling retail hay by the bale,  use this calculator to see your customized gross return on investment.      If you are selling by the ton,  your benefits will fall within solving your freight problems.  

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